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Linking Information

If you would like to link to CableAmerica's lake cam here is what you have to do. We would prefer that all links are directly to this page: www.cableamerica.com/Michigan/Lake.shtml. If you do not link to this page and use the JPG image only, we ask that you create a link next to the image that links back to the Lake.shtml page. You must also identify that CableAmerica is the source of this image. Every day over two thirds of the hits to the Lake Cam are from outside our page. We do not sell advertising on this page and would like to receive the credit for its creation. If you do use the image you must report via e-mail to ejackson@cablemo.com the person responsible for maintaining the linked web site and the URL address of that web site.   We reserve the right at any time to terminate the use of our image by anyone including those that do not follow these instructions.


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