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A different kind of "waves"!!!!
A few brave Eagle Harbor Cam visitors:
Mike Damore contacted us and corrected the names on the picture 
"from right to left are: Rob Inkpen from Almount, Mi; Karl Zechmeister from Rochester, Mi; 
Mike Damore from Sterling Heights Mi; and Dave Nunn from Warren Mi.
 Karl second from right is on his cell phone to our friends back at work"
Now previously the people in the picture were identified as:

Bill Jacka, Bill Jacka, Jr., Tim Burnette and 
Gerry McCoy of Birmingham,
I have no way of proving either way so I will leave both groups up. 
We see a lot of folks doing this very same thing, but I only capture a few of them. 
We apologize to either party if we are wrong. 

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